AKHIA, the full-service public relations and marketing communications agency headquartered in Hudson, Ohio, is slotted to present at the fourth annual YouToo Social Media Conference on Friday, April 15 at Kent State University. Jan Gusich, AKHIA’s founder and president, and Ben Brugler, executive vice president will be presenting on how to effectively use social media in B2B marketing programs.

“We are very excited and appreciative of this opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise on social media as it applies to B2B applications,” Gusich said. “AKHIA has provided counsel to many of our B2B clients in the area of new media, and we understand how it can be used to elevate companies and keep them current in an fast-changing environment.”

Gusich and Brugler’s presentation, titled “Social Media and B2B: Why should consumers have all the fun?” will address the following topics:

  • How social media impacts B2B companies
  • How B2B companies can use social media
  • Best practices for using social media in B2B applications
  • The future of B2B social media

“The most important component of social media planning really has nothing to do with social media at all,” says Brugler. “At AKHIA, we look at social media planning the same way we would any campaign, first defining the business objectives, strategies, messaging, audience and, most importantly, what do we actually want our audience to do. It’s one thing to engage them using social media, but what do you do once you have their attention?”

YouToo was established in 2008 to provide current trends and information in social media tactics and strategy in today’s world of e-communication and new media. This year, YouToo adds more how-to presentations, as well as real-world case studies to round out its speaker presentations. The conference will focus on social media techniques and digital communications from national and local presenters while also providing a networking environment for Northeast Ohio professionals.

Founded in 1996, AKHIA, Public Relations and Marketing Communications has offices in Hudson, Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia. The 30-person organization was founded on a philosophy of message integrity and best in class account service. Today, that philosophy remains in the form of the agency’s dedication to strategic execution for its 30 clients spanning a wide range of industries in the business-to-business, service and consumer sectors.