Hudson, Ohio – September 27, 2012 – In an effort to generate greater awareness surrounding the importance of literacy service needs in our community, AKHIA Public Relations & Marketing Communications is proud to announce their partnership with Project Learn of Summit County. Project Learn, a nonprofit, community-based organization, provides Summit and Portage County’s adult population with free and confidential basic literacy, GED, ESOL and college transition classes.

Approximately 18 percent of all Summit County reads below a fifth grade reading level and nearly 65,000 Summit County residents need adult literacy services; unfortunately, less than five percent have access to them. Project Learn offers programs that help to enhance worker productivity, encourage the children of participants to learn, and improve family life. AKHIA hopes to help Project Learn share stories of success and make the community aware of how those individual achievements can help improve the region.

“Project Learn is quietly working to make our region stronger and more economically viable by helping people conquer the cycle of illiteracy,” said AKHIA President Jan Gusich. “Individuals who can read and speak English have a significantly better chance of getting a job, earning a wage, paying taxes and contributing to society, as well as support their families and communities.”

Project Learn is the only adult basic education program in Summit County funded by the Ohio Board of Regents. Project Learn offers the entire literacy and adult education continuum of services, including teaching adults to read, passing the GED exam or U.S. Citizenship Test and preparing for college. Project Learn has awarded 550 GED credentials each year, offering 26 official GED testing locations throughout Summit County and the City of Kent.

“We are extremely proud to help Project Learn in these efforts because we believe that an educated workforce is the backbone of our region’s economic success,” Gusich said.

About Project Learn
Project Learn of Summit County is a nonprofit, community-based organization providing Summit County’s nonreading adult population with free, confidential, small group classes and tutoring. For more information, call Project Learn at 330-434-9461 or visit

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