Hudson agency represented at global public relations conference

CLEVELAND, OH – As part of AKHIA’s efforts to bring globalization to its clients, agency CEO Jan Gusich participated in a conference in May organized by the International Public Relations Network (IPRN), one of the largest international networks of agency firms in the world. AKHIA has been a member for a little more than two years.

Held in London, the meeting was attended by PR agency owners from Japan, Dubai, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Italy, Spain, Denmark, and more. AKHIA was one of only two agencies from the United States, along with a Washington, D.C., based firm specializing in healthcare.

“The personal connections made at international conferences like this are exceedingly beneficial in helping clients communicate business goals and building brand consistency to employees and customers throughout the world,” Gusich said.

According to Gusich, more and more companies want to think globally but act locally, respecting the customs and cultures in the countries where they operate. “It doesn’t mean changing your brand’s core position abroad, but it does mean adapting your messaging,” Gusich said. “Doing so shows respect for the communities in which you operate, not to mention makes your communications more effective. Without this understanding, it is easy to make mistakes,” she said.

“Writers, strategists and content architects trained in the public relations discipline are well-suited for this challenge. They are skilled communication strategists who commonly adapt messaging to various audiences—international adaptation can be another feather in the cap,” she said.

Gusich founded AKHIA with two people in 1996 as a public relations agency. Since then, AKHIA has grown to a 60-person business and marketing integration firm, but the agency has stayed close to its PR roots. “We’ve found over the years that we can teach people good marketing strategies, but you can’t teach good communications skills. You have to start with a passion for the written word,” she said.

Having someone imbedded in the market to talk, in depth, about the values, customs, language and attributes of the region is key to understanding cultural differences and challenges. Many regions contain multiple cultures, dialects and word meanings based on specific geography. “Meeting and talking personally with the in-market people who will execute your plan is a critical step in achieving success,” Gusich said.

AKHIA is committed to helping clients take their message worldwide. In addition to its membership in IPRN, the agency has cultivated a strong partnership with a translation firm with extensive in-market resources, as well as an advanced database that keeps track of client and industry-specific nomenclature for the best possible representation.

Founded in 1996, AKHIA is an integrated marketing communications firm that distinguishes itself by focusing on a company’s business objectives and providing strategic solutions, including marketing, sales lead generation, public relations, social media and reputation management. AKHIA is located in Hudson, Ohio. The nearly 60-person organization was founded on a philosophy of message integrity and best-in-class account service. Today, that philosophy remains in the form of the agency’s dedication to strategic execution for its 30 clients spanning a wide range of industries in the business-to-business, service and consumer sectors.