When any social platform that isn’t labeled “Facebook” becomes successful, you can be sure the folks at Menlo Park aren’t far behind.

When Twitter released Vine in January, the app met instant success, and it kept growing. Not long ago, it was announced more Vine videos were being shared on Twitter than Instagram photos.

Everyone knows that Facebook and Twitter compete, and Vine was Twitter’s new leg-up. Facebook-owned Instagram continued to thrive, but six-second videos looked to be the future over Instagram’s filtered photos.

Then, Facebook released Instagram For Video, a fifteen-second video add-on that was automatically rolled out to everyone on Instagram. As expected, those videos can be filtered, unlike Vine videos. Immediately, #TeamTwitterVine and #TeamInstagram formed.

Many brands have both a presence on Vine and Instagram, but it remains to be seen if brands will embrace Instagram For Video. It might make sense to maintain a presence on both channels, but that’s a decision to be based off of strategy and targeted audiences.

There is no need to be so polarized. Vine and Instagram appeal to two different audiences. While one might win in terms of overall videos shared and popularity, both will maintain niche communities. While I can’t predict what those communities will be, I can predict that neither platform will fail. No one is saying Instagram For Video is the death of YouTube, so why is it the death of Vine? Both can co-exist.

Where do you stand? Are you #TeamTwitterVine (like me) or #TeamInstagram?