Welcome to The Brew. At AKHIA, we love steaming cups of coffee and frothy pints of beer—and the conversations that spark around a good beverage. A brew is a mixture of different ingredients that create a flavorful final product. Our writers are The Brew’s ingredients, and the expert analysis of this blog is the final product.

A diverse group of AKHIA employees working as marketers, PR specialists, social media mavens, digital strategists, content architects, designers and more will contribute weekly updates on The Brew. We’ll share our thoughts, experiences, and reactions to current events and trends to help you better understand the constantly evolving marketing communications industry. Of course, it’s not all about us. Your input and comments will further the conversation and contribute to a greater understanding of what’s on the marketing world’s mind every day.

Go on. This is your first mug of AKHIA’s brew. Take a sip, and join us.