There’s no better feeling for a digital or social marketer than launching a new channel for your brand or client. All the hard work finally bears fruit: designing your profile, getting your introductory content ready, building excitement internally, and lining up the team for updates and monitoring.

Before that Pinterest account, blog or eBlast goes live, meetings are held going over strategy and tactics. Everyone gets on the same page. After the channel goes live, it’s up to the social and digital team to keep executive leadership apprised of why all the effort and strategy was worth it. Here are three tips to ensure social and digital positively impact the business:

  • Create a comprehensive communications report. While social and digital efforts are of paramount importance, it’s important to work together with other teams in your agency or company. The social media, public relations, media hits, direct mail campaigns and other efforts for one brand ought to all support each other. That way, executives will see integration and support for the overall business objectives.
  • Remember to set long-term and short-term objectives. While a single “like” or share is always a feel-good moment, those interactions must be grouped into trends and long-term insights. Taking month-to-month analytics and using them for both small and large goals is smart reporting.
  • Always be open to change. The social and digital space is moving at the speed of light. A metric you report on one month might be irrelevant by the next month, with a new one taking its place.

Every channel is worth the investment if it furthers your strategy, but reporting goals met and constantly setting new goals is the only way to quantify why investment of time and resources is worth it.

Sifting through reporting tools like Google Analytics might seem like a jumble of numbers and confusing terms, but those numbers represent real people. Open rates, “likes,” retweets, repins, clicks, downloads and more all signify how a real person engaged with your content. If you got someone to do that, you’ve already achieved great success. The average attention span online is only 8 seconds! (HubSpot)

Once these metrics are calculated and compared to long-term and short-term goals, the presentation deck is made, and the right conversations are held, it’s important to identify new opportunities every month or quarter. A month’s worth of social media content is a lot to learn from, and the opportunity is incredible.

Thanks to digital and social media reporting, you can now see just how many potential customers online are moving down the sales funnel. With this valuable insight, you can turn those leads into purchases, and you can easily integrate your online efforts with your brand’s overall PR measurement.