See what I did there? It’s round three of the mobile video wars.

Vine, with its six second videos, was not pummeled into the ground after Instagram for Video’s launch, defying many industry expectations. (My prediction came true!) Instagram for Video has taken advantage of its own huge user base, while Vine has carved out niche communities who continue to seek quality content.

Now, YouTube has released MixBit, an iOS and Android app, and I can say it is definitely not “Vinestagram” after trying it myself.

>Users can film videos up to 16 seconds in length, and here’s where it gets a little weird. Instead of posting the video and waiting for the likes, hearts, shares and revines to roll in, MixBit is different. When you finish shooting your own 16 seconds, you can add other user-created videos to yours. If you want, you can stitch up to 256 videos together. What would you say or do with the footage of someone else

Here are two implications from this app’s release:

  1. The concept of “owning” a video is becoming increasingly slippery. Yes, you filmed 16 seconds of your video, but three minutes of it come from other people! Or, what if your footage is included in 50 videos put together by others?
  2. Crafting any kind of key messaging in a MixBit video is useless. With the ability to chop and splice, whatever your key messages were could be … mixed into bits.

Brands should find these implications significant. As an organization, could you be creative enough to put a video on MixBit that, if spliced, was still branded properly? Or would you avoid MixBit altogether with the concept of ownership totally turned upside down?

When Vine and Instagram (both released this year) have suddenly become the safe choices for mobile video, marketers have no choice but to realize this isn’t a run – it’s a full-fledged mad dash.