We’ve wrapped up Week 3 of the Social Media Success Summit 2013! Thanks to Social Media Examiner, Amanda Kleinhenz and I have spent our afternoons immersed in the latest trends and tips from over 45 top experts.

Last week’s top takeaways centered largely on LinkedIn. A platform that undeservedly flies under the radar dominated by Facebook and Twitter, this is where influencers, executives, and savvy professionals make their mark.

  • Optimize your profile. This is where it counts the most. On LinkedIn, the difference between having a professional headshot or a filtered selfie can mean a job interview or offer. Your headline, summary, interests, and skills keywords should all strategically align. Your Facebook profile most likely isn’t going to get you ahead in the professional world, but LinkedIn just might.
  • Content actually gets noticed. For marketers using LinkedIn, being able to target content and ads to specific levels of professions (entry level, C-suite) means you reach exactly whom you need to. Plus, company employees can spread positive mentions of your brand considering they’re more trusted than PR or even a CEO.
  • YouTube is a star. LinkedIn posts receive 75% more engagement when they contain a YouTube link. If your videos are concise, immediately eye-catching, and relevant to your audience, you’ll one-up going viral. You’ll actually reach relevant prospects.

People use LinkedIn for one reason: business. It’s difficult to even connect with other users there unless you specifically know them through a business or academic connection. Use it to your advantage. Sharing your fabulous blog post on Facebook might get you tons of traffic from your friends, but all it takes is one view from the right recruiter, buyer, or decision-maker on LinkedIn.

Do you have a LinkedIn success story? Let us know!