Public relations is everywhere. It’s part of us. How we interact with the world around us and the world’s perception of who we are as individuals is critically important to success both professional and personal. It’s inescapable and matters more than any degree or amount of experience.

It’s been said that a person formulates an opinion about another within seven seconds of meeting them. I’d like to think it’s never too late to take back those seven seconds.

PR can be either good or bad. That’s right—I left out neutral. Have you ever met someone you felt “neutral” about?

I am suggesting here that PR extends beyond organizational PR, as we have come to know it. We as individuals are walking PR campaigns, however good or bad that may be. Why should you care? Whether you are just starting out your career, or if you have been with the same organization for 10 years, good PR causes people to like you. No matter what your mom says—it’s important that people like you. We all do business and build relationships with people we like—likeability powers everything from whom we believe to what we buy.

Managing your own personal PR campaign is more difficult than in the past thanks to the amplification effect of social media. It’s important to think and rethink anything you may say or do online as those words and actions can live on forever thanks to the digital fibers of our society.

Even though managing your own personal PR campaign can be difficult, here are some tips to consider in the ongoing management of your own campaign:

  • Be mindful of others’ perceptions of you
  • Be authentic
  • Be kind
  • Be accountable
  • Know that your words and actions can and likely will live on forever

What tips do you think are most important in managing your own PR campaign?