Even though I’m a recent graduate, I’ve already learned continual professional development is a way of life in public relations and marketing. I don’t even have to harken back to the time of clip books or fax machines, I have a much more recent example. Vine wasn’t a huge driver of mobile video last year because it did not exist. Now, it’s on the lips of every marketer worth their salt.

I’ve been attending Social Media Examiner’s 2013 Social Media Success Summit along with Amanda Kleinhenz, who chronicled last week’s experience here. Here are my three key takeaways from Week 2:

1. Nothing is more powerful than Power Editor. If you work with Facebook advertising, you need to know about Power Editor. Working with multiple campaigns can become a chore, and the tool syncs with Excel spreadsheets for efficiency. One notable feature is that you can add Conversion Pixels to track user actions like checkouts, registrations, leads, key page view, adds to cart, or other website conversions.

2. Expertly showcase your expertise. To attract traffic to your blog, write “best of” lists, and don’t include yourself. It’s more important to establish yourself as an expert, because why would anyone purchase from someone they think is an amateur? Your valuable content, plus links to other credible sources, will help you gain followers who become customers.

3. Mobile video = concise. If your videos don’t immediately catch a viewer’s eye, they’re gone. Be captivating, be concise, and be interesting.

Plus, here’s a bonus tip for anyone attending a conference, virtual or not: Only tweet key takeaways that you can provide context for. It can be so frustrating to read tips and tricks of a valuable conference but not know who the speaker is or what the session is about. Tweets from conference attendees should be geared toward your wider audience, not your fellow attendees.

You can monitor #SMSS13 takeaways here. Stay tuned for a Week 3 recap!

Are you attending SMSS13? What are some tips you’ve learned?