Lots of things can make a statement about who you are – what you wear, what type of car you drive, your favorite music, which social channels you use. All have one thing in common: they’re public-facing. But what about things that aren’t? Are those actually more a window into an individual since they are typically private? In comes the homescreen of the device that accompanies us everywhere we go – the smartphone.

Because inquiring minds want to know, here’s a look at a few AKHIANS and what their homescreen says about them…in their own words:

Yours truly, Kate Eidam:

  • I have 13 NPR: Ted Radio Hour episodes to listen to. (Yes, I’m addicted to NPR, as it is the only app category lucky enough to have its own folder.)
  • I’m a music fan…iTunes, Pandora and Spotify must all be readily available. Just ask my colleagues as I recently opened a meeting by previewing Devil by Beast, What Up Man by The Cool Kids, Strawberry Bubblegum by Justin Timberlake and Hot Mess by Chromeo (all of which I recommend).
  • If I could track app open rates over the life of my smartphone usage, Kindle would easily rank #1. (P.S. It contains 200+ books. P.P.S. If you’re looking for a book recommendation, I have plenty!)
  • I’m trying out the new Summit Metro Parks app as my nieces and I work to complete the 8 hikes for the Fall Hiking Spree (we really, really want those hiking sticks!).
  • Social apps dominate the landscape with the highest percentage of real estate.
  • I’m not logged onto Wi-Fi, which means the IT director is going to be furious with me and my husband is going to be mad that I’m using all of our data plan. Either way, I lose.

Design ninja and illustrator extraordinaire Sarah Cucciarre:

  • My home screen is allowed to have a maximum of two rows of apps/folders. Any more annoys me. Thus it’s a constant competition for a front-page position.
  • My most used apps tend to be blue (see “Azul” folder).
  • I use my phone a lot for photos.
  • I hate the little red bubbles that tell me I have notifications—it feels like they’re yelling at me, so I have to open whatever app for point-two seconds just to clear the little red dot.
  • I like pretty, colorful abstract backgrounds.
  • Spotify is playing every second I’m in the car. My driving needs to have a soundtrack.

Content magician Lukas Treu:

  • I think mine says I am organized to the point of having obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (I have taken a test for this and scored quite highly).
  • While the second screen with all the neatly arranged folders is probably the more telling of the two screens, the fact I don’t like folders on the home screen and like things the way they started probably says something about my tendency to get used to something and to carefully analyze everything before making changes, too.
  • Also, I have no active notifications…the little red number things bug me, and it shows that I’m easily distracted, albeit responsive.
  • Folder names show that everything is about as condensed as possible.

The debonair social media guru Ryan Collins:


  • I like feeling close to my family, hence my boyfriend and cat as background.
  • I have as many apps as possible on the first screen because scrolling is annoying when I’m in a hurry.
  • My social box is the most full, of course, with even more hidden within that box.
  • I like app organization, especially navigation and finance because this is my Swiss army phone.
  • My Wikipedia addiction is loud and clear here, considering it’s the only downloadable app by itself on the screen (aside from MixBit, which I’ve used a grand total of once).
  • I am obsessed with the new iOS 7 feature to keep your phone screen locked in the vertical position.

What does your homescreen say about you? Let us know!

Kate Eidam is portfolio lead at AKHIA, and her smartphone is so integrated into her daily life that she literally sleeps with it under her pillow (Hey, I use it for my alarm clock!).