As marketers, we’re wired to be tuned in. While the advent of new technology has revolutionized the ways we communicate with each other, it also tends to accompany the mindset we must be connected 24/7 to ensure we never miss a beat. Oftentimes we’re sleeping with our electronic devices, dreaming in 140 characters or less and checking emails before we even step foot out of our beds in the morning. This can leave even the savviest marketer feeling overwhelmed and burnt out if they’re not careful.

Given the nature of our business, it seems counterintuitive to unplug every now and then—but more and more companies are adopting that very mentality. At AKHIA, employees are encouraged to participate in our “No Work Initiative”, meaning that for at least one night a week, we unplug. We spend that extra time with our families, explore new hobbies, or simply relax— no emails allowed.

Consider the benefits that can be reaped by going off the grid every now and then:

  • Recharge: Our brains operate at a rapid pace for 8-10 hours a day. By taking some time to recharge, relax and recoup, we’re better able to formulate fresh ideas and approaches to problem-solving.
  • Interact: While the benefits of modern technology are tremendous, I’ll never be convinced they replace the collaboration from true, face-to-face interaction.
  • Focus: Studies abound that prove humans are inherently terrible multitaskers. Smartphones and other disruptive technologies only add to the distractions we face on a regular basis. Though we may feel we’re getting more accomplished when we accomplish three tasks at once—we’re actually more apt to make mistakes, making us less effective on the job.

This article in Time cites other companies that are encouraging their employees to power down their smartphones and fire up their work-life balance, which in turn has had an uncanny effect on office productivity.

Be honest. Do you take the time to unplug on a regular basis?