AKHIA Wellness

As AKHIA’s Wellness Champ, I was very excited when Ben, AKHIA’s president, suggested I start writing wellness-related content for The Brew. After all, personal health and wellness is a universal interest, isn’t it? It’s something relevant to everyone, especially this time of year – when the average American has gained almost a pound since Thanksgiving and resolutions for the new year are still intact.

Speaking of resolutions, the tradition to make self-improvements for the new year dates back to ancient times. For centuries, we’ve taken advantage of the fresh start granted by the resetting calendar, identifying lofty goals with every intention of meeting them. So why are so few of us successful? (Fewer than eight percent actually stick with their resolution.)

Following a few simple guidelines can exponentially increase your chances:

  • Be realistic. By settting a singular, simple goal, you’re much more likely to be successful. If your resolution is health-related, talk to your doctor to determine what’s reasonable.
  • Make your own rules. Your resolution does not have to be a grueling year-long sacrifice. Consider setting short-term goals, which can help you to maintain enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Develop a strategy. When you’re driving to a new place for the very first time, the first thing you need are directions. Think of your resolution plan as a sort of GPS navigation to success.

My resolution? To PR in my next half marathon! Check back for regular updates on my progress, and for more health- and wellness-related content and news.