I can’t believe how much everyone busted my apple bag about my desk space when I first started at AKHIA. My colleagues would come over to my desk, but the first thing they said when they saw my bare shelves was: “You need some pictures or something!”

Did they think I was going to quit right away if I wasn’t immediately moving in?

Weeks later, my mom actually asked me, “So what’s your geekosphere look like?”

“Geekosphere,” as described by Geekculture.com is “a term used to describe the area in the immediate vicinity around your computer. Most people personalize this zone with various cultural objects that have significant meaning to them (Star Trek memorabilia, photos of pets, tribbles, old coffee cup collections, pizza crusts, dippy ducks, etc.).”
I actually wasn’t planning on bringing any tchotchkes to work, but as this is my first “big girl job,” why not fully commit and move in?

AKHIA culture allows for self-expression, so color is a must in my area. I LOVE organization and I’m the nerd with the color-coordinated calendar and plan book, so my geekosphere displays a large calendar with upcoming appointments and important due dates.

The quickest way to my heart is through stationary. Still being relatively new, I like to have notes at my fingertips, preferably on cute sticky notes. I have notes for Cision usage, important document locations on the server, logins for various programs I use, etc. I also have running pads of paper for things to do and quick notes – some even supplied by AKHIA colleagues, because they just get me.

Lighting is very important in the office. There’s an ongoing battle of “Lights On or Off?” in the area I work in. I love saving energy (who doesn’t?), but I am also a fan of feeling awake at work, so I’m usually Team Lights On. However, when we don’t win that battle, I turn on my desk lights. Instead of normal lighting, I chose to go the funky, eclectic route with seasonal lights, jerry-rigged on the screen between myself and my desk mate. Right now, it’s heart lights that used to live in my dorm and now have a second life.

Finally, it’s not on my desk, but in one of my drawers. Whoever sat here before me left some Play Doh in the drawers and instead of just tossing it out, it makes a fantastic stress reliever.

You’re at work for a good portion of the day and you were given a space to work. Our work at AKHIA ranges from technical to creative and so we should have work spaces that match those needs. We need to be organized and prepared, but also remember who we are with weird bric-a-brac that has no place in your house because your significant other says “we don’t have a place for lamps that look like mushrooms.”