Chances are you have heard of content marketing, but do you know six key considerations for getting started? Thanks to the Content Marketing Institute, we can start with a definition:

Content Marketing: A marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience—with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Creating fresh content tailored to specific audiences is critical for companies who want to achieve business success. Through carefully curated content, companies can engage customers and prospects, optimize SEO, enhance branding and more.

Starting a content marketing program doesn’t have to be difficult, but developing a strategic plan is essential for success. Six key considerations for developing a content marketing strategy include:

• Develop a content mission statement to align the strategy with your business objectives (Why are you doing this?)
• Identify target audiences and profiles of each (Who are we talking to?)
• Identify key messages for each audience (What do we want them to know?)
• Explore the communication channels we have available to us (How will we get information to our audiences?)
• Discuss key dates throughout the year, including tradeshows, meetings, speaking engagements, product launches, etc. (When do we want to focus on certain topics?)
• Evaluate how success will be measured and identify available resources, such as Web analytics, marketing automation systems, CRM systems, clipping services, etc. (How will we measure success?)

The considerations above are starting points to think through for developing a content marketing strategy; however, it’s important to note that every content strategy is a bit different because various companies have different needs related to organizing existing content, creating new content, and coordinating internally to make a plan come to life. AKHIA has worked through content strategy/content marketing planning with several clients and can help you figure out where to start.