Here at AKHIA, social media is no joke. We brought 60 pros into one room over three days and went back to basics, studied brand-follower interactions, and beefed up our analytics skills! Just ask anyone on the A-Team: community management… takes a community!

Basic Training

Day 1 – Back to Basics

• The best way to find users on Twitter is to Google search for their ‘FirstName LastName’ and ‘Twitter.’ Their username pops right up!
• Focus on high quality, relevant content and don’t “like-bait” on Facebook or the Facebook algorithm will severely punish your content’s reach.
• On LinkedIn, post updates from Monday to Friday, morning to midday, to reach busy professionals.

Day 2 – Community Management

• Social media can be a robust customer service channel. Your followers often expect a response to questions and complaints within an hour.
• Responding is always better than silence. Don’t just respond to positivity, you’ve got to address all feedback (unless it’s inappropriate or spam). When in doubt, ask your team!
• As a community manager, a major part of your core duties is to constantly monitor for brand mentions and topics relevant to your audiences. Be on the lookout for opportunities to delight your followers, chances to join conversations and potential crises.

Day 3 – KPIs, Reporting and ROI

• We’re never just measuring social performance and vanity metrics. A social effort should lend itself to overall goal-setting and larger business drivers.
• Social performance reports can come in many shapes and sizes depending on client needs, preferences and KPI definitions. (By the way, KPI stands for “key performance indicator.”)
• Click-through rates, likes, retweets and cost-per-conversions don’t mean much. Pay more attention to account growth, engagement and unique reach instead.

The AKHIA Social Media Sergeants couldn’t be more proud of the A-Team in their pursuit to become Social SEALS. We’d follow them into the field any day! What are your social media #ProTips?