Summertime is just on the horizon, which conjures up different thoughts for everyone. Sand, sunburns and beach waves are high on my list, but I’m also thinking of the many opportunities summer gives us to stay healthy. In addition to the availability of fresh, local produce, here are my top five summer activities that will get you sweating!

5. Washing your car: Choose a nice day and add a little elbow grease! You’ll finish with a clean car and you’ll feel good knowing you’ve worked up a sweat!

4. Yard work: Need some extra motivation on this one? The average person can burn up to 250 calories per hour doing yard work!

3. Golfing: Skip the cart next time you play – the average golfer walks five miles on an 18-hole round!

2. Trip to the zoo: The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is 183 acres! That’s a LOT of walking while you’re on safari!

1. Family trip to the pool: taking the kids to the pool can be more than just fun! In fact, swimming is a great aerobic activity. Treading water vigorously can burn up to 11 calories per minute – the same as a six-miles-per-hour run!

How do you plan on staying fit this summer?