I have heaps and piles and loads and tons…of articles, blog posts, interesting finds, videos that made me laugh, things that left me incensed, impactful infographics, cool designs and more…that I’ve been hoarding in a Word doc on my desktop, in various Evernote notebooks, in Notes and Safari on my iPhone and scribbled on post-its and in actual notebooks strewn all over my office. (It’s ok, you can take a moment to judge me for my poor and muddled organizational skills.)

I collect all of these treasures with the intention of writing about them at some point…whether here on The Brew…or on my personal blog (which I keep promising myself I will get back up and running instead of letting it rot away on the interwebs). So I figured…

Kate Graphic

Here are a few nuggets (2 marketing, 1 just for fun) out of my piles of finds:

Why Pinterest Continues to Dominate: We can deal with the “ads”
Though Pinterest has less than 10% of the number of users as Facebook, it continues to dominate when it comes to ROI for brands. For the social platform that is all about discovery, it looks like most users don’t really mind the promoted pins, according to a piece from eMarketer.

Still very much in the infancy stage, paid promoted pins are just now being tested by the likes of brands such as Kraft, Gap, lululemon and General Mills. The cost is steep (reportedly between $30 and $40 per CPM) and not entirely realistic for most brands, but definitely worth keeping an eye on, especially since Pinterest activity has been directly tied to actual sales.

Resolutions Aren’t Just for January
A recent article from Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi resulted in one of those palm-to-the-forehead moments. We are so busy with current deadlines and the next impending project (or 10) that it’s nearly impossible to sit back, take a deep breath and take time to contemplate.

But I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that taking time out is important and downright essential for success…both personally and professionally. Professionally, it’s often only by taking time to meditate on current activities and results that we’re able to verify the marketing plan we wrote in January is on track…or if it’s not, determine why and make necessary pivots or course corrections.

Joe’s post takes a look at “13 mid-year content marketing resolutions” worth checking out. Additionally, I’m using it as a reminder to check out other initiatives as well. Last thing I want is to get to the end of the year and then try and figure out why something isn’t working the way we planned.

And now the fun part…a puppy + a kitty = winning every time
Being mom to four rambunctious four-legged critters, I’m a big fan of The Bark Post. I’m addicted to the nearly daily assault of adorable videos. Here’s my most recent favorite they posted – have to give credit to the Dalmatian and the kitty for making

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