Beginning today, Associate Content Architect Bill Delaney and Senior Copywriter Jessica Forrester will be taking the reins as co-editors of The Brew—brand new positions at AKHIA. They’ll be working with a team of contributors to bring fresh, new content to The Brew every Monday and Wednesday. And of course, they’ll be contributing to the blog, as well.

Notice anything different?

No, no, we didn’t redesign the website (again). Today kicks off the start of the new way AKHIA publishes The Brew.

AKHIA is packed with smart thinking, and we’re always looking for new ways to harness and showcase it. With The Brew, we have the opportunity to do that in novel ways. We started by thinking about what we like to read online, and we came up with a lot. Photo essays, illustrations, event recaps, reaction pieces, pop culture, PR news, personal essays, product write-ups, listicles. There’s a lot out there.

So we’re taking an “all-of-the-above” approach—with content, and with contributors. You’ll see material from our experts on things like media relations, user experience, content development, design, illustration, new technology, social media and more.

But what about after work? You’ll also see unique material about what we like and love to do—we do love Northeast Ohio and everything it has to offer, after all.

We’re excited, and we hope you are too.


Bill Delaney, Associate Content Architect


Hello and welcome to a fresh, new Brew!

Bill and I could not be more excited to step into the roles of co-editors. Together, we hope to keep publishing the same great content you’ve come to expect from AKHIA, but with a splash.

What can you expect? More visuals. More infographics. More writers covering more topics. And (what I’m most excited about), more fun.

We have a wide range of AKHIANS (or is it AKHIA-ITES?) lined up to begin posting, and I’m pleased to introduce you to our first batch of Brew-sters:

Amber Christopher, Account Executive
Brittany Macchiarola, Account Executive
Emily Nelman, Account Executive and Wellness Champion
Holly Schafer, Senior Art Director
Kate Eidam, Portfolio Lead
Lukas Treu, Content Architect
Robert Doll, Copywriter
Ryan Collins, Social Media Specialist
Sarah Cucciarre, Graphic Designer
Zach Thoren, Social Media Project Manager

We hope you enjoy this fresh, new version of The Brew—and we hope you come back often.

Jessica Forrester

Jessica Forrester, Senior Copywriter