It’s August again, which can only mean one thing: AKHIA’s second annual Walk-Off is underway! I love organizing the agency walking challenge because it elevates two important things: physical activity and agency camaraderie.

The Walk-Off: What is it?

The first Walk-Off took place last summer as a wellness initiative. It was wildly competitive and a huge success, with nearly full participation. The concept is simple: Each walker is given an AKHIA-issued pedometer and assigned to a team with a designated captain. The team’s weekly step average determines its standing. This year, we’ve got six teams competing for six weeks for the top spot. The winners are awarded a team lunch, but the real prize around here is bragging rights.

It’s the Little Things

Did I mention that it gets pretty competitive? Well, I’ll say it again. Yet despite the trash talking, there are still a LOT of tight deadlines to meet around here, and we’re not about to let our client work suffer for a few moments (or in Ben’s case, a year) of bragging on the podium. Part of the fun is finding plenty of ways to weave extra steps into your day. Here are a few of our competitors’ favorites:

  • Walking Meetings. Take a trip to AKHIA, and you’ll need to watch for pedestrians. We conduct a LOT of walking meetings these days, circling the parking lot as many times as it takes to nail down that perfect client strategy or marketing recommendation. 4,000 steps later, you’ve put a good dent in your daily goal.
  • Standing Desks. You might look crazy marching in place while drafting that white paper, but it’s totally… worth it (right, Lukas?).
  • The Before-, During-, or After-Work Meet-up.  AKHIA has a lot of runners, many who are training for one of two agency teams participating in the Akron Half-Marathon Relay this year. Making plans to stride it out with teammates before heading home for the day helps to keep us accountable.
  • Conference Calls. Calls are to be seen, not heard, which is why our walkers have been logging extra mileage during client conference calls. We may sound winded, but we are expert multi-taskers.

In the End

Whether our competitors are walking off weight, stress or anxiety – my hope is that by the end of the AKHIA Walk-Off, they’ve managed to build new habits into their lives to keep the momentum going. As U2 famously said: Walk on!

Emily Nelman is an Account Executive and Wellness Champ at AKHIA