Among the (many!) things our team learned last week was this universal truth: It takes ALL types of content to make the Content Marketing World go round… both of the written and visual persuasions.

Visual content, in particular, continues its meteoric rise in popularity, as well as potential business impact, as a medium that is memorable, easy to digest and disruptive (in all the best ways possible).

Visual content was a popular conversation point throughout last week’s CMWorld. Beyond the conversation, however, were real-time graphic recordings that captured all of the major sessions—courtesy of graphic recorders Kelly Kingman (who was also onsite at the 2013 conference) and Cleveland-based Johnine Byrne.

It was amazing to listen to the speakers while simultaneously watching these whiteboard-like creations come to life.

Here are a few of this year’s favorites:

Andrew Davis of Monumental Shift | “Inspired Content: How Brilliant Storytellers Create a Sudden Urge to Act”


(Source: Kelly Kingman)

Scott Stratten of UnMarketing | “Data, Digits & Dummies: What You Know About Content Marketing May Be Wrong”


(Source: Kelly Kingman)

Julie Fleischer of Kraft Foods | “The ROI Content: How Kraft Learned the Value of Their Content and Rebuilt Their Marketing Around It”


(Source: Kelly Kingman)

You can check out all of Kelly Kingman’s CMWorld graphic recordings here.

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Kate Eidam is portfolio lead at AKHIA