As August wrapped up and September arrived just a bit sooner than we all expected, the AKHIA team counted down the days to Content Marketing World – a four-day extravaganza where 2,500+ people descend on our hometown from around the globe to talk, share, exchange and wrestle about content marketing to our hearts’ content.

This will be my second Content Marketing World, but I am just as excited as if it were my first. So much changes in marketing from day to day…new technologies, new ways of reaching our stakeholders, different perspectives on existing approaches and so much more. And the idea of sitting with thousands of peers from the U.S. and abroad is invigorating!

This year, I will be joined by my fellow AKHIAians, Amanda Vasil and Lukas Treu, both of whom will be attending for their first time.

Lukas captured his anticipation this way:

“I’ve been pumped to attend Content Marketing World since the day I first heard about it (or the day I was first assigned the title Content Architect… either way). I can’t believe I finally get to go! What a cool event, and cooler still that it’s taking place in one of the hottest cities in the country right now… our very own Cleveland, Ohio.

When I think about what I am most looking forward to on the eve of the conference, part of my excitement is linked to knowing thousands of talented communicators will be spending time in our fair city and will, hopefully, be returning home to tell their friends what a great time they had. As you might expect, though, I’m most excited about the conference’s content. It seems most marketers understand the principles behind content marketing at this point, and we should be past the days of high-level conversations on the topic. It’s time to dive into tactics… what we’re learning every day as we put content strategies into practice… and how we can learn from each other to more effectively plan, execute and measure our efforts.

CMW has an awesome slate of presentations and panels that will delve into just that, and I can hardly wait to get started!”

In addition to being on site in downtown Cleveland all week, we are staging a “Brew Takeover” and will be posting daily this week about the conference, its sessions, our conversations and all of the fun surrounding it.

So check back all week for new info and perspectives. For real-time conference updates, follow the conversation at:

Lukas Treu: @LTreu
Amanda Vasil: @avasilicious
Kate Eidam: @kateeidam

Kate Eidam is portfolio lead at AKHIA.