Apple’s big announcement last week had a lot of people… well, excited as hell. But you probably already knew that. You probably even sick of hearing about the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Pay already.

Good. Because that’s not what we’re here to talk about, anyway.

I’m an Apple user, through and through. And yes, I think Apple’s newest round of product innovations and technology sounds awesome. I’m not going to act like I can’t wait to get my hands on an iPhone 6 soon enough.

Alas, I find myself torn when it comes to the Apple Watch. The Apple fan in me is thrilled, of course. But… and this is a big but… the accessories lover in me is beyond disappointed. Can we talk about the serious lack of style here, Apple?

Form over function? Function over form? Why not both? While the Apple Watch boasts an insane amount of capabilities packed into one tiny wearable device, I can’t help but wonder… who’s going to want to wear it? At the end of the day, it’s an over-sized digital wristwatch.

Hodinkee editor Benjamin Clymer sums it up best: “I don’t see people that love beautiful things wearing this with any great regularity.” (Hodinkee is a site solely dedicated to wristwatch news and reviews. I think you could safely assume that last Tuesday was a big day for them.)

Reading Clymer’s review of the Apple Watch had me thinking: Where are the stylish, techy accessories for women? I set out to find some, and came across two winners.

Thanks to a bevvy of well-placed, extremely targeted Facebook ads, I recently found of a gadget known as Ringly. Disguised as a fashionable cocktail ring, Ringly connects to your smartphone and sends a series of alerts when particular calls, texts, emails or reminders come through. You decide what prompts an alert and Ringly sends a vibration, flashing light or both straight to the ring on your finger.

Keep in mind, I have not actually tried Ringly… but I kind of love it. Not only is it stylish and tech-friendly, it allows you to keep your phone out of sight during important meetings, dinners and events. Hello, manners! So nice to see you again. If you’re interested, Ringly will begin shipping this winter. You can place pre-orders now; rings range from $195 to $260.

On the other hand… well, on the other wrist, really, is the Tory Burch for FitBit line. After being teased for what felt like ages, the designer’s line of accessories for the fitness tracker recently hit the Web—and they were worth the wait. The line includes a hinged metal bracelet and pendant necklace, each featuring shiny brass and an art-deco motif, as well as two Burch-themed silicone printed bracelets.

As someone who has sometimes struggled to incorporate FitBit’s less-than-stylish bracelet into my everyday wardrobe… YES. Just yes. I need and want that hinged metal bracelet like nobody’s business. Burch’s line of stylish accessories is just what fashionable FitBit users have been craving. Though not available until this November, products can be pre-ordered now, from $38 to $195.

Though neither Ringly nor TB for FitBit boast the jaw-dropping capability of the Apple Watch, it’s nice to see more manufacturers designing tech-friendly products with fashion trends in mind. Now, someone call me when Apple takes notice.

Jessica Forrester is Senior Copywriter at AKHIA