At AKHIA, we love coffee (you might have noticed…you’re reading The Brew). It gets our days started, fuels brainstorms, warms meetings and brings us all closer together. But there is one thing some of us love more than coffee: our mugs. The right mug can transform even the most basic morning roast into something else entirely. It can bring out the subtle aroma of roasted macadamias and almonds, enhance fresh citrus undertones, and embolden lingering notes of toffee and vanilla. The right mug can transport you and your Arabica blend to the rainforests of Costa Rica or the islands of Indonesia. The right mug changes everything.

I might be a little crazy about my coffee. But I stand by it.

So that’s why today, September 29th, in honor of International Coffee Day, I present to you this look at the coffee mugs of AKHIA. Cheers!

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Sarah Cucciarre is a graphic designer at AKHIA