Introduction: It's Friendsgiving 2014!

It’s that time of year: Blow-up turkeys in front yards. Pumpkin pies cooling in kitchen windows. All of us wondering if Terminal Tower will be lit up in the colors of Thanksgiving. (One can only hope.)

No matter how you celebrate, Thanksgiving is all in the name: Being thankful for what we have. That kind of positive attitude is in the air at AKHIA during the holidays, which got me thinking… what are some of my closest co-workers (better known as some of my best friends!) at work thankful for? I decided to find out.

Amanda Hayes: The Trifecta

Amanda Hayes

Thankful for: Life, love and Diet Dew.

Amanda Hayes is thankful for life, love and Mountain Dew.

Jessica Forrester: #SheLovesCLE

Jessica Forrester

Thankful for: Cleveland! (Shot at the ever-chic E. 4th Street)

Jess F Cleveland

Mady Etzel: She Loves Chris and (a cup of) Joe

Mady Etzel

Thankful for: Unconditional love from her boyfriend… and for coffee!

Chris Mady Friendsgiving

Meredith Cordray: "Aunt" She the Cutest?

Meredith Cordray

Thankful for: Nora, her (adorable!) niece

Meredith Friendsgiving

Nicole Adduci: Sisterly Love

Nicole Adduci

Thankful for: Celeste, her sister (who happens to be an Account Director here at AKHIA!)

Adduci Friendsgiving

Ryan Collins: And, Lastly, My Own

Ryan Collins

Thankful for: Posey, guardian of my couch.


Ryan Collins is a Social Media Program Manager at AKHIA.