While milestones and holidays mark every calendar year, one month-long holiday may be somewhat unfamiliar to you. In fact, you might not even know that many around you are celebrating it… even if it’s right under your nose.

Running from November 1 to November 30, Movember is signified by men around the world shaving their faces clean on the first of the month. Then, throughout November, participants allow only their moustaches to grow back—creating a moustachioed brethren of epic proportions around the world. While the premise seems crazy and a bit self-serving, the intent is meaningful.

For many years, men have held tightly to the idea that doctors visits were for sissies and that many things could be resolved with a little dirt and spit. Luckily, that perception is changing—and Movember is one small way to generate awareness while encouraging regular doctors visits and checkups, as well as generating funds for men’s health programs.

To boil it down, I like to describe it as the male equivalent to Breast Cancer Awareness month—but there’s no way a bunch of dudes would be able to coordinate a consistent color and a lot of community-based activities. So, we decided that shaving and growing ridiculous facial hair for 30 days was a better way to go.

And boy, has it caught on.

Whatever the motivation, men across the globe (and the women who support the cause, too) have become Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to “Change the Face of Men’s Health.” What started as a seemingly comic gesture has become a global effort to raise awareness and get more men to their doctor more frequently.

But why would we write this post if it didn’t somehow tie back to AKHIA? It does, of course.

movember small

For the past three years, multiple employees have taken part in the November 1 “shave-down.” After which, the efforts for awareness and fundraising have begun. In 2013, the men of AKHIA raised a few hundred dollars, and we’re hoping to make an even bigger impact in 2014.

How can you help? Well, in a lot of ways. Check out the Movember site for all of the details. It’s a well-done and comprehensive site that doesn’t take this event too seriously—lots of good humor.

Then, check out the AKHIA team page. You may see a few folks you know. Feel free to join our team, check out the photos we’ve posted and share with your friends. The more the merrier!

If you feel compelled, you can even donate. It’s for a great cause and would really make this whole crazy shaving thing worth it.

Last but not least, you definitely need to stop into AKHIA sometime this month and take a photo with one of the Mo Bros. We’ll make sure to post it to our team page and shout you out on our social channels.

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Michael Schwabe is Director of Digital Strategy at AKHIA.