It was Christmas 2010, and my husband, Kyle, and I were living in California for his job. As born-and-bred Midwesterners, we welcomed the temperate climate and peek-a-boo ocean views, but as the holidays approached, I started to feel homesick for my favorite winter traditions. In California, there’d be no snow, no Great Lakes Christmas Ale, no chopping down the Christmas tree. Instead, we drove to one of a thousand temporary tree lots, trudged through the fake snow in our flip-flops and picked out the best-available pre-cut tree for our tiny apartment at the beach (and it wasn’t cheap).

Sensing my growing homesickness, Kyle scoured the internet and created what would become our new family tradition: the holiday movie list. He had mapped out our holiday-movie-watching for the whole month of December – a tedious exercise and gesture that is so characteristically him. It melted my icy heart and we embraced our holiday season by the sea, complete with a Christmas Day dip in the Pacific, a hike, and yes, several bottles of Great Lakes Christmas Ale that our friends thoughtfully shipped from Ohio (also not cheap).

In the last four years, the list of movies has grown (seven pages!) – as has the list of expectant friends and co-workers who have come to expect it each November. So today, on Thanksgiving, we hope you, too, will enjoy this year’s list, and that you’ll have the hap-hap-happiest holiday since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny Kaye!

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2014 Holiday Movie Schedule

Emily Nelman is Account Executive at AKHIA.