Editors note: Today, we’ll be turning over another leaf for The Brew. We’re welcoming a new roster of writers, and thanking those who contributed since early August.

It’s hard to believe how quickly the last few months have flown by!

In August, Bill and I introduced ourselves as the co-editors of The Brew, and shared with you our plans to refresh AKHIA’s employee blog with a wider range of topics, content types and contributors (so lovingly dubbed “Brewsters” by yours truly).

Now, we’re almost four months in and ready to usher in a new group of blog contributors. But first, a Venti-sized THANK YOU to our rookie class of Brewsters. You guys stuck with it (and us!), delivering engaging, interesting content, meeting absurd deadlines and, most importantly, bringing our vision for The Brew to life.

And now… welcome to our new Brewsters!

You’ll notice some familiar names there, as a few of our previous Brewsters are staying on board and will continue to contribute.

Keep checking back for more thought leadership, industry trends, infographics, opinion pieces and more! We’ll be serving it up twice a week.

Jessica Forrester

– Jess Forrester, Senior Copywriter


What’s there to add to what Jess already covered? Not a whole lot, except that I can’t wait to see what our new group of writers comes up with over the next few months.

Part of our recruitment process, both initially and with the latest roster, involved identifying some AKHIAns who’d never blogged for us in the past. Why? Because everyone at AKHIA has their own unique perspectives and expertise, and The Brew is about sharing those perspectives with you. This also means Jess and I get to pester our coworkers into blogging, including our own direct superiors, which can be its own kind of fun.

Also: Christmas Ale has been on the shelves for a month, Thursday is Thanksgiving, and as of today, AKHIA’s outrageously competitive Secret Santa festivities have begun. That is to say, you can expect to see some holiday cheer on The Brew over the next few weeks.

See you soon!


-Bill Delaney, Content Architect