He will find you, and he will endorse you on LinkedIn.

Yes, this is a real thing. In December, 20th Century Fox released a rather unique LinkedIn campaign to promote its film Taken 3. All consumers have to do is simply follow the Taken 3 page on LinkedIn and you can win the opportunity to have Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) endorse your “particular set of skills.”

It’s a simple campaign, but it really got us thinking here at The Brew. There are many successful campaigns and brands on LinkedIn (just ask our social teams at AKHIA). However, the typical path to success is becoming a professional thought leader. Most brands take the route of content marketing, consistently publishing resources to keep their industry informed and to start professional conversations. In fact, LinkedIn even recommends content marketing as a best practice.

But, 20th Century Fox took a slightly different approach and launched what just might be the first truly viral campaign on LinkedIn. Here’s why we loved it:

Refreshingly Unique: There are countless case studies on successful consumer marketing campaigns for all the major social networks. But, when you think consumer marketing on social, LinkedIn is not top of mind. That’s why this promo was so interesting.

Simple: We’ve all been there before when we see an interesting social campaign spoiled by multiple steps and hoops to jump through. But here, Liam Neeson keeps it simple. Push one button and you could have him endorse you.

Not a one-and-done: Yes, after the promotion ends and the winner is selected, no one will continue talking about this campaign. However…two howevers actually. 20th Century Fox doesn’t need long-term engagement. They need to sell tickets and DVDs for a few months. And, the winner will talk about this forever, as this endorsement can actually be a permanent fixture of your LinkedIn profile.

Seamless Transition: One of the most quotable lines from the Taken films is “I have a particular set of skills.” It was so popular that it even became an instant meme. That idea of skills transitions perfectly to LinkedIn’s skills sections. The connection is automatic, making this a quick-get for all consumers familiar with the films.

Has Liam Neeson kicked open the door to more creative, viral marketing on LinkedIn? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Robert Doll is Copywriter at AKHIA.