It’s hard to believe, but the new year is upon us (just three weeks away!). Professionally, it’s a season of planning—setting business objectives and developing a calendar of initiatives to help your company meet them. But how about New Year’s resolutions for your brand? Just like we do for ourselves, writing down goals and revisiting them throughout the year will help you stay on track, on-brand and ultimately, achieve your business goals.

Here are a few ideas to get you inspired and thinking about what you can do to help keep your brand on-point throughout 2015:

Be consistent. I once heard that the ultimate test of a good brand is to ask yourself this: If you remove your company’s logo and name from your marketing pieces, will your audience still know it came from you? Work to either start or continue developing a consistent look and voice for every piece of communication—both internally and externally. Establishing consistency will help your customers easily identify your material, increasing brand awareness and recognition.

Develop valuable content. Before sending out any form of communication, ask yourself this simple question: Would I read this? The content you share should be of both value and interest to your key audiences. Think about the companies you consistently follow for new ideas, information, etc., and be sure that everything you develop—even if promoting a product—has quality information that can be used as a resource. That is the tipping point between pushing information out to your customers and having your customers seek information from you.

Humanize. The minds behind your brand are often the most valuable and most untapped resources. Make it a goal to utilize your company’s subject matter experts (SMEs) in all of your communications. Can an expert byline an article for a trade magazine? Or conduct a webinar on their area of expertise? Highlighting your most seasoned SMEs helps not only humanize your brand, but adds credibility.

Reflect. Too easily, we get caught up in our daily to-do lists that we forget to take a step back and think about the bigger picture. Set aside time with your team monthly (quarterly, at least) to review your business and marketing plans, review metrics for past campaigns and look ahead at upcoming initiatives. Carving out time to reflect and hit the reset button (if needed) allows you to be more strategic, more resourceful and more successful.

Every brand is different, but just like ourselves, they can use a refresh and new goals for the new year. Whatever your plan is, be sure to follow through and not leave these goals stranded by February—like so many of us do with our personal resolutions.

Olivia Mihalic is Senior Account Executive at AKHIA.