How fitting that while I’m at the Consumer Electronics Show last week in the center of connectivity and innovation and social networking, I get a notification celebrating AKHIA’s 6th anniversary on Twitter. With nearly 5,500 tweets and 2,000 followers, Twitter has sure been good to us.

It’s funny, for a while people were questioning if Twitter was dying. If Facebook was outpacing it. If not enough users found value in the platform.

Yes, Instagram recently surpassed Twitter with 300 million monthly users, but it’s important to note that the audiences aren’t exactly apples-to-apples comparable. And the core user benefits and asset development and sharing are also very night and day.

Twitter Vice President of Data Strategy Chris Moody shared a fascinating statistic at CES: 500 million tweets are posted daily, making Twitter the largest archive of human thought.

I’m not at all suggesting that we drop all listening tools and social networks in favor of Twitter alone, but with a library of sentiment and behaviors so nicely packaged in 140 characters, we’d be foolish to not harness those insights to help create better consumer experiences.

And I can tell you firsthand that the Twitter bird was all over CES – and Facebook was noticeably absent.

  • Wearable devices and smart watches are syncing with Twitter to connect users to other users for inspiration and motivation through dedicated hashtags and feeds.
  • Twitter chats like #datatainment and #digitalhealthCES dominated, bringing influencers together virtually and on the CES show floor.
  • Second-screen viewing and integrated watching experiences are becoming much more sophisticated thanks to Twitter, as evidenced by XBOX’s modern day “TV Guide” that sources content based on trending listings and Twitter chatter.

brew at 6 1

brew at 6 2

And of course that doesn’t include how many of the 170,000 CES attendees were glued to the #CES2015 hashtag. Or the number of us who use Twitter as our main source of breaking news and pop culture updates.

See, Twitter is still very much alive. And we’re looking forward to another 6+ years of @AKHIA contributing to Twitter’s continued success!

Amanda Vasil is Change Agent at AKHIA.