Sunday’s the big game, and this year more than ever, there are new ways to watch. Here are some of the best we found:

Get your friends together
What’s a Super Bowl Party without a few friends? Invite your best buds over for the game, and the more important part: the commercials! Speaking of which, did you know that Newcastle invited 30 of its brand friends to guest star in its Super Bowl commercial this year? It’s an innovative strategy that Newcastle hopes will pay off big time!

Get the food
Alright, so you’ve got all your friends over, now what’re you going to feed them? I’d bet you have a world-famous Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe at the ready. Make that, and ask your friends to each bring something to make it a Super Potluck! OR you could order a pizza from the NFL’s official pizza sponsor, Papa John’s, who is trying to take on 1M orders during the game. Will your order be a part of this historic marathon of marinara?

You can also check out the top foodie accounts on Instagram for some inspiration before the big game!

Grab your second screen
Alright, we all know that in a world where real-time reactions are met with real-time marketing, that only half the fun is had on your 60” TV. Make sure you’ve got your tablet and smartphone charged and on hand to take part in all of the fun that’ll be happening on social media.  Digital ads are to be huge this Super Bowl, and many brands opted to skip the $4.5M TV spot price tag in favor of all-digital ads, so make sure that you don’t miss a beat!

Check Social Media before, during and after the game
The big boys of social will be offering something new and exciting in time for the big game this year. Facebook has created a new Super Bowl hub  that they hope will encompass your second screen during the game. Twitter added in-stream video capability to allow for 30-second clips to be added to any tweet, so you can see that amazing catch, rather than just reading about it. YouTube is hosting its own Half Time Show starring internet celebrities and stars.

Watch the ads
You’ve probably already seen some of this year’s ads online, as many brands have released them early. Make sure you don’t miss any of the 10 ads not to miss, and you can even take part in AdBlitz 2015 live on YouTube during the game. AdBlitz 2014 raked in over 339M visits during last year’s game, so check it out if you’ve not already!

If you find that none of this is to your liking, just watch the Puppy Bowl, this year featuring baby goat cheerleaders


Zach Thoren is Social Media Program Manager at AKHIA.