If you were in Las Vegas with me two weeks ago at CES, I don’t have to tell you what a whirlwind it was. But even if you weren’t there in person, the amount of information and big thinking that buzzed around Interwebs was enough to knock you over at your desk.

I said before that while wearables and drones and 3D printers were neat to see, it’s what I heard at CES that left a much bigger impression on me.  So now that I’m a few days removed from the show and had a chance to collect my thoughts, I wanted to share a few more takeaways with you (if you’ll be so kind to humor me, that is).

These are some pretty impactful numbers and wise words from thought leaders around the globe that resonated with me and others I befriended:

What AKHIA learned at CES 2015

So what does this all mean?

It means we have the power and responsibility to be even better storytellers than we were yesterday.

It means we need to continue breaking down silos – internally and externally – to foster collaboration and innovation.

It means we need to embrace new technologies and platforms and not be afraid to experiment.

It means we have access to as much data as we can possibly stuff into our 3 lb. human brains – but we need to beware of infobesity and proceed with ethical caution as we apply the knowledge we’ve gained.


I could talk about CES for hours and hours. What did YOU learn from this year’s show? Let’s grab coffee to swap thoughts and ideas!


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