Today we’re excited to announce The AKHIA Podcast! Below, read up on podcasting and how it can fit into a content marketing strategy.

Podcasts may not be new, but they are certainly the target of renewed interest of late. Are they simply a form of digitized radio entertainment, or do they have potential as something more? It is a question confounding many a marketer… and it’s one we’ve tackled on One Question, One Answer. The consensus? Podcasts are here to stay… and we likely haven’t been surprised by them for the last time.

The term “podcast” invokes dichotomized conceptions of something novel and trendy, yet concurrently outdated and obsolete. Etymology would point us toward a genesis catalyzed by the innovative iPods of a decade past, technology that has since receded into the collective memory of an ever-advancing, upgrade-driven society. Nevertheless, statistics inform us that podcasts are hipper than ever in 2016.

While some may have questioned the medium’s potential for longevity a few years back, those reservations have now largely been erased by successes like “Serial” [Not familiar? We’ve got a Brew post for that] and the plethora of other audio epistles that have shot the U.S. podcast audience to 57 million: roughly the same number of people who are active on Twitter.

Why the podcast resurgence long after our iPods were handed down to preteen siblings and children? There are a number of reasons—too many to fully dissect today. Personally, I would posit that the momentum of the podcasting movement can fundamentally be traced back to three interconnecting factors:

  • The ability of humans to consume audio at times when visual media are inconvenient. Much in the same way that the integration of the radio into the automobile revolutionized the commute, podcasts allow us to be entertained and educated while we drive, mow, paint, cook, etc. Whether we wish to expand our understanding or simply listen to good-natured banter, now we can do it easily while we accomplish other basic tasks.

  • Consumers’ fatigue with written material, largely due to proliferation of digital content. Everyone and their mom has started a blog, newsletter, social media account or email list, it seems, and this onslaught of content has worn us down to the point that we skim what we “read” on a daily basis. Audio, however, grants us a reprieve, allowing information consumption that feels different… even if the content isn’t.

  • A continuing fascination with content marketing and storytelling among brands. I’m not saying this is a bad thing… I’m a content strategy lead, after all, and I have a job to keep. But as companies seek ways to be deemed thought leaders, relatable entities and providers of utility, they are looking to stand out in any way they can… including by adopting an auditory approach to reaching target audiences.

Whatever the reasons, podcasts are big—with listenership growing 23 percent between 2015 and 2016—and marketers are taking notice. It is a viable means of telling a story or promoting brand affinity without the struggle required to break through the noise filling other digital content spaces. And, believe it or not, it’s not all that hard.

Don’t believe us? We’ll prove it to you.

Today, AKHIA launches its first podcast—an audio series called “My First Time.” Episodes in the series will feature conversations between AKHIA employees, clients, partners and others who reflect on “first” experiences around various situations a communications professional might encounter, from tradeshows and client dinners to creative pitches and job interviews. It’s a mix of anecdotes and advice meant to help make you feel a bit more at ease in some of the inevitable awkward moments this industry can throw your way.

All podcasting requires is a mind and a microphone, making it the sort of tactic that hardly hurts to try. As long as the content you create is relevant and interesting to your target audience, you might consider offering takes on industry news, tips and tricks, or storytelling from expert sources. You know your audience best!

Interested to learn more about our experiences after checking out “My First Time”? Want to chat about how podcasting might fit into your content strategy? Let us know in the comments, send us an email or give us a call. Otherwise, keep an eye out for the “My First Podcast” episode… you know it’s coming.