From the IKEA® furniture recall, to the Volkswagen emissions scandal, crises happen all the time and any organization or person could be vulnerable to one. Surprisingly, statistics show that most businesses aren’t prepared for a crisis. In a time where one small mention on social media could turn into a large-scale issue, every business needs to have a crisis communication plan ready to put into action at a moment’s notice.

There are few circumstances that test a company’s reputation as severely as a crisis. Whether the impact is immediate or persists over time, a crisis affects stakeholders within and outside of the company. Customers might cancel orders, employees raise questions, shareholders get antsy and competitors sense opportunity, all because of an unplanned event.

As the ultimate unplanned event, a crisis is likely not overcome by conventional day-to-day management processes. Preparation and good judgement are critical to your company’s crisis survival.

In a new video series, AKHIA CEO Jan Gusich, an expert in crisis communication, sat down with media training specialist Dick Russ, to talk about the importance of protecting your brand during a crisis. With real-world examples to share and drawing on their many years of experience working together, they provide the information you need to know about crisis communication planning and training.

Watch our videos for insider tips on how to plan for a crisis.