Video continues to be popular. Need proof? Here are just a few of the 31 Must Know Video Marketing Stats:

  • 96% of B2B organizations use video in some capacity in their marketing campaigns, and 73% of which report positive results to their ROI
  • 87% of online marketers use video content
  • The average user is exposed to an average 32.3 videos per month

As a result, it is increasingly important to be different and have a hook from the start. One way to stand out is to incorporate virtual reality (VR), a computer-generated environment where your customers can experience realistic images, sounds and other sensations. You can take customers on a virtual tour of a commercial or residential property / museum exhibit / etc., create virtual shopper experiences, conduct product demonstrations, offer new-age training opportunities or teleconferences, etc. Essentially, VR allows you to provide your customers with a richer experience than you could with traditional video.

Think VR isn’t a—no pun intended—reality for your business? And although editing time is typically longer for the sort of 360° video used to create virtual environments, a VR video shoot can often be wrapped much more quickly, making creation of a VR video more affordable than you may expect.

While traditional VR uses a VR headset, the video can also be viewed and interacted with on a computer or mobile device. Here’s an example produced by our trusted partner, Pritt Entertainment Group, that gives clients a tour of their new office space: This demo can be viewed on a computer or mobile, or through a VR headset. When it comes to VR headsets, though, there are several options available, from Google Cardboard (retail: $15) to the Zeiss ZR1 (retail: $125) to the Oculus Rift (retail: $599) and others, which makes a project like this scalable to meet your needs and budget.

Still think virtual reality is a fad? It is expected to grow 145% over the next year, and is beginning to be adopted en masse. Now just might be the time to consider incorporating it into your digital marketing strategy. Contact your account team or Ben Brugler ( if you’re interested!