Blogging isn’t just a place for moms to share their latest recipes or updates on knitting projects (although who doesn’t love food and a nice scarf), it’s a personal platform for you to provide a voice to the topic of your choice while essentially creating your brand or digital reputation. This is very important for a young professional trying to begin a career in this digital age—the Internet is your oyster; you control your brand and content. Businesses have begun to adapt to the technological world we live in and are using the Internet to do their research on potential employees.

With the competition more fierce than ever in our globalized society, why not put yourself ahead of the curve and give these employers something of value to look at! Blogging is certainly a tool that not only puts you in control of your marketability, it sets you apart from the competition while also attracting employers—the benefits are endless, literally, and since I’m sure a proactive, ambitious young professional such as yourself is rather busy, I’ve presented what I believe to be the top five benefits of blogging.

  • It can lead to a job: If this isn’t the biggest benefit, then I don’t know what is. Digital media is becoming an instrumental factor in businesses, and according to Jeff Bullas (, “86 percent of recruiters have viewed potential candidates’ social media profiles.” If employers are using digital media to their advantage why shouldn’t you? Blogging is a way to show you can navigate the ever-evolving social media world as well as expand on skills mentioned in your resume.
  • It can be used as a marketing tool: Think of it as an extension of your resume. A blog can serve as tangible evidence to an employer showing you are as hard-working, self-motivated, creative and innovative as your resume proclaims. You are also in control of how you are represented, which showcases your independence and forward thinking (feel free to add these strengths to your resume if you haven’t already). Your blog also positions you as an expert in your field.
  • It can make you a better writer: This is an asset that will benefit you no matter your field of interest. The ability to synthesize and organize information in a clear and concise manner is the essence of writing—a muscle that must be exercised—and what better way to train than with a daily blog post? By becoming a better writer, you are sharpening your critical and analytical thinking abilities. This diversifies your skillset and, in turn, makes you more marketable to employers which we all know—leads to a job (reference benefit No. 1)!
  • You can potentially earn money: If the ability to get a job didn’t sell you on blogging, then the potential to earn money definitely should. Now, before you rush to open WordPress and start typing away, this isn’t as easy as it seems. A survey done by revealed that only 9 percent of bloggers make enough money to sustain their lifestyle. That’s why the key word is potential, but challenging doesn’t mean impossible. With constant effort and commitment to producing quality content coupled with a solid marketing strategy, you could be gaining notoriety from companies who deal with similar content you discuss. They might want to advertise on your blog. They might even send you free merchandise in exchange for a review post. Not only are you gaining capital (as well as getting free stuff), but you’re attracting attention from employers and thus, bringing potential job opportunities your way!
  • You will expand your network: We’re all familiar with the old saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” and in a globalized society, it couldn’t be more relevant. The great thing about the Internet is, everyone’s on it—from the president of a well-established, successful communications firm (Jan Gusich) to someone who knows someone who knows Jan. Blogging is a perfect tool to create those chains of communication. By promoting your work, you attract people with knowledge and connections to help you on your journey to establishing your career.

Check back for my next post on how to start and maintain a blog.

em>What are some qualities of your favorite blog that keep you coming back to read more?