There’s a lot to learn as an intern at AKHIA, from developing client strategy to the tedious-yet-necessary task of building a media list. However, there are other important things to learn, too. Such as understanding the deeply embedded culture that began long before we came and that will remain long after we leave.

With that in mind, it’s important to remember the core values that created the culture of this agency:

“Create a work environment that inspires and empowers employees to serve clients in the most innovative (and effective) ways known to humans while also enabling them to pursue their personal dreams.”

Along with working hard and going beyond the client’s expectations, the idea is to cultivate employee interests and celebrate individuality.

So where do the interns fit into all of this? Here at AKHIA, the interns have been lucky enough to be given a little more freedom to voice our opinions and show some personality with this blog.

Microbrew is an opportunity for us to showcase some of our talents and prove that as The Intern we are doing more than just locating client press coverage clips and writing a 100-word brief for a newsletter (although those are very important tasks, that we constantly think about–don’t worry). In the coming months, Microbrew will be a place for the interns at AKHIA to share our thoughts on a range of topics such as:

  • Personal branding on social platforms
  • Resume/cover letter tips
  • How to make yourself more marketable
  • Organizations to join and how they are beneficial
  • Benefits of writing your own blog and how to start one
  • Analytics for beginners
  • Tips to create a great online portfolio
  • How to handle criticism in the workplace
  • Lessons from a mentor
  • How to shine during a team brainstorm

As brand new, bright-eyed members of the marketing communications world, we hope to provide a unique perspective on these topics. Not only that: We will prove that our time as The Intern has been an educational and productive experience. We like to think of ourselves as the AKHIA sponge – soaking up every ounce of information we can absorb. We can’t wait to start sharing our thoughts and experiences!

Do you have any topics you’d like us to discuss? Let us know!