Every time an open position is posted, hundreds of resumes wind up in the hands of the hiring managers. Most resumes are first skimmed for typos and relevant experience. Make your resume stand out with these helpful tips.

  • Stick to one standardized typeface. Do not hop around from sans serifs to serifs or from Comic Sans to Papyrus. The person reading your resume just wants to read it. When it is presented in multiple typefaces, it appears disorganized and crowded.
  • Keep the important points at the beginning. Hiring managers want to quickly see if you have enough experience for the position. If you list that information last on your resume, there is a great chance that it will be missed and filed away in the round filing cabinet located under their desk.
  • As a designer, I believe your resume needs to show off your personality, but don’t over do it! The paper stock, the type of printer it was printed on and the amount of time taken to produce your resume will reflect your personal style. A well-designed resume will show that you are detail-oriented and creative, making it less likely to be tossed aside. Even if you’re applying for a non-creative position, it is still key to portray your personality—just make sure you keep it professional.
  • Always have others read your resume. When you work on something for a long amount of time, you can often miss something obvious. Also, don’t update your resume the day before the interview. Be sure to consistently update your resume as events occurs, i.e., work experience, professional participation and job expertise.
  • Do not let your resume exceed one or two pages. It’s best to keep your resume contained to one page, but it’s acceptable to add a second page. Hiring managers already have 100+ resumes on their desk, and if they were all double-paged, that’s that much more paper have to sort through.

All in all, if you follow these five essential tips, you will have a stellar resume that will catch an HR person’s attention and potentially land you your dream job. Good luck and knock them out with your resume writing skills.

What tips have you heard that made your resume better?