OK, so you landed the internship. Your weeks of interview prep, putting together your impressive portfolio and sending hand-written thank-you letters have all paid off. It’s the Sunday before the first day at your internship, and if you’re anything like me, your outfit is chosen and your lunch is packed. You’re ready for your first day.

Internships are both exciting and nerve-racking. As an intern, you want to excel at your job and gain tangible skills. So what does it take to be an all-star intern? Here are some tips I’ve learned from my time at AKHIA.

  1. Be professional: It’s extremely important to represent yourself and your school in a professional manner throughout your internship. Dress according to the company’s dress code, and communicate appropriately with fellow interns and executives. Always have a smile on your face and be willing to help.
  2. Be on time: Leave your house in plenty of time to get to the office early to start your day. Arriving five to 10 minutes early allows time to situate yourself at your desk, catch up on emails from the evening before and prepare for the day.
  3. Ask questions: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Professionals understand that you’re interning to learn and are willing to help when asked. It’s better to ask than to assume and complete the project incorrectly. Additionally, asking questions will demonstrate your desire to learn and efficiently complete the task at hand.
  4. Be a go-getter: Your supervisor isn’t a mind reader and doesn’t always know your interests. If there’s a specific skill you want to strengthen, or job you want to learn, ask to sit in on a meeting or shadow a professional completing a job. One of the ways I strengthened my social media skills throughout my AKHIA internship was by asking to sit in on a training session for a social media monitoring tool. Asking to attend meetings for learning purposes demonstrates initiative and drive.
  5. Participate in events outside of the workplace: Adapting to the company culture is vital for success at an internship. Try to attend as many events both during and after work that involve socializing with coworkers. It’ll help you understand the culture of a company and lead to networking opportunities. Just remember to conduct yourself as professionally after work hours as you would at the office.
  6. Be confident: There’s a reason you were given the internship. Your employer saw potential and skills necessary for the company. Be confident in your abilities and comfortable sharing your ideas and strengths. If you let your confidence shine and trust in your ability, others will trust you, too!

Internships are a great time to recognize your strengths, learn more and meet professionals in your field. If you’re confident, kind and professional, chances are you’ll foster success.

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What are some tips you have for being an all-star intern?