It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than a month since my internship at AKHIA. In my month of separation, I’ve been at the beautiful Ohio University planning and facilitating staff trainings for work, organizing and promoting registration for Ohio University Intramural Sports, attending various meetings, and finally, beginning class. My whirlwind senior year has finally started; and while graduation is a mere 8 months away, I know this year is going to be incredible.

Over the past month, I’ve seen the skills I learned at AKHIA translate to my work and extracurricular activities at school.

AKHIA taught me many things. Among the various lessons learned, here are some major takeaways:

  1. Celebrate your successes: When AKHIA was voted one of the top workplaces in Northeast Ohio, the company celebrated in various ways, including listing the top 100 reasons why employees love working at AKHIA. It was so fun to hear each employee reflect on his or her hard work and the AKHIA culture. Although it’s important to work hard, it needs to be recognized and reflected upon in order to stay motivated. At my job at school, I try my very best to compliment, encourage and motivate: all things AKHIA did.
  2. Build relationships and network: I have worked hard thus far this year to find a mentee at school that I can learn from and teach in return. I was given a mentor for the duration of my internship with AKHIA and also learned from many other professionals at the agency. My mentor relationship gave me an opportunity to ask any questions I may have had, and a resource to reach out to beyond my internship. This relationship was immensely beneficial to my experience at AKHIA, and I can only hope to enhance a student’s experience at Ohio University’s experience through mentorship. No matter where you are in life, find someone who can be a mentor to you and whom you can mentor—it will help you to always continue growing.
  3. Be true to your brand: While scheduling social media posts at AKHIA, it was important to remain relevant while harmonizing with the brand voice. This is a lesson that applies to my personal brand as well as the brands I represent. Stay current, and stay true, and most likely, your brand will see engagement and growth.

Interning at AKHIA opened my eyes to agency life in the public relations and marketing industry. I learned tactical skills that will, no doubt, help me throughout my career. Some of the best lessons learned, however, were the lessons that taught me to embrace success and connect with coworkers.

What are some other important life lessons you’ve learned through work experience?