When I started interning this past summer, one of my projects included helping the social media team with AKHIA’s Pinterest account. I was really excited to work on this project because I have a personal account and love what the platform has to offer

Little did I realize how challenging this project would be. Creating an account for a brand varies a bit from managing your personal account. From my experience and through a lot of research online, I’ve learned some best practices for starting and maintaining a brand Pinterest account. Now with more than 70 million users of the platform, it’s a great social media marketing tool. Here are a few of my key takeaways.

Be Creative With Naming Your Boards
It’s a simple, quick way to grab attention. Remember that the Pinterest audience may be slightly different from your brand’s core audience, so you’ll want to consider who’s on there and how they might find your brand. Pinterest users are more likely to be female (80 percent) between the ages of 25 to 55. Users typically won’t be searching for your company; they’ll search for a specific topic. If you want to get your board noticed, give it a name that sums it up in a catchy (possibly humorous) and concise way.

Think Visually
Show, don’t tell. Images are everything on Pinterest. It’s what catches the audience’s eye and drives them to click. According to mycleveragency.com, images without human faces are shared 23 percent more often than those with human faces. Images with dominant colors (red, dark green, pink) get three times the amount of likes and repins. Also, try using a compelling background that doesn’t take up more than 40 percent of your image, otherwise you’ll see repins decrease by half.

Link Back to Your Website
Now that you’re thinking visually, it’s time to make the most of your images. Make sure the image you’re using is attached to the URL page users land on. Not only does this help drive more clicks to your brand’s website, it prevents frustration. As a personal user of Pinterest, the most frustrating thing is when I click on the photo and I cannot find the picture from the pin on the website. It’s misleading and can cause confusion.

Make Pins More Searchable
In your pin descriptions, ensure that you add keywords that you want to be searched for on Pinterest. Put yourself in the audience’s shoes, and think about what they will be typing into the search bar. It is especially important for localized businesses that they put their city in pin descriptions.

Stick With What You Know
Your Pinterest page represents who you are—what do you want it to say? As a brand, you’re trying to relay a message that portrays what your business is all about. Your boards should align with that message. Plan out your boards and outline what information or messages you want your audience to walk away with.

Do you have any additional tips for maintaining a Pinterest account? What are some ideas that work/didn’t work?