In college, my professors often stressed the value of following blogs to learn valuable information and news about the latest trends to stay ahead of the curve. So, when I have free time, I visit these four design-related blogs that focus on technology, typography and classic Americana. These blogs help me to learn what’s new in the design world and provide me inspiration for my work.

  1. Design Taxi Design Taxi is a blog I visit in the mornings after I get up to date on all of my emails. It discusses everything from innovation, Web design, interior design and video to infographics, branding and street art. When Banksy, a famous street artist, had his month-long NYC exhibition, Design Taxi was among the first to keep its viewers posted about where one might find one of his newest street murals.
  2. The Fox is Black The Fox is about the arts and music. Many of its posts range from gallery pieces to amazing animated gifs, with a touch of music. This blog is a great source to learn about up-and-coming artists and where to find their art as well as galleries, museums, and so much more.
  3. We Love Typography The title says it all. Having worked with handwritten typography, it’s amazing to see what other designers/artists in the field have been doing. Illustration is a difficult process in and of itself, but when you introduce lettering, one wrongly sized letter can cause conflict between the viewer and the producer. To be recognized for your hand-drawn lettering is quite an accomplishment, and this blog showcases the best artists!
  4. Oh, Pioneer! Oh, such a wonderful photography blog! Pioneer often posts imagery that captures the American West/Pacific Northwest. Some of its more popular topics seem to center around foggy scenes of mountainous landscapes, retro motorcycles and the nautical nature of the Pacific. Just viewing these images can induce an escape from the office without even leaving your desk.

One of the most important lessons I learned from my design professors is to be up-to-date on the design world around you. Always be able to speak intelligently to design trends and news. What you learn today may shape what you finish tomorrow.

What design blogs do you follow and find valuable?