Depending on where you work, the dress code is going to vary. But there are still a few basic guidelines to follow. Whether you’re a writer, art director or on the account service team, dressing to impress is important. According to a survey, 41 percent of employers said that people who dress better or more professionally tend to be promoted more often than others in their organization. Everyone wants that, and the way you dress helps set the stage for you to be taken seriously. Here are a few tips for dressing professionally:

Start with the basics – Before anything else, make sure you stock your closet with the essentials for a work wardrobe. This includes items such as a nice pair of black pants, button-down collared shirts, a classic pair of dark shoes and a dark pant suit. This way, you always have a professional outfit to pull together in the morning.

Keep it neat – The night before, check your pants and shirt for wrinkles and lint. It only takes a few minutes to iron or grab a lint roller and it makes a huge difference in your appearance. This shows clients and co-workers that you pay attention to detail.

Use a neutral color palette – An easy way to start a professional wardrobe is to wear colors based on a neutral color palette such as navy, black, cream or grey. Try to avoid neon/bright colors such as lime green. Think simple and sleek

Hit the sales rack – If you’re a young professional and on a tight budget, always look at the sales racks first! Department stores will often have racks of dress pants and skirts on sale for a reasonable price. If you’re like me, you’ll wait until the sales hit before you spend the big bucks on a pair of pants.

If you work in a laid-back environment, most of these tips still apply, although based on how other co-workers dress, you may feel comfortable experimenting with more colors or trendy pieces. Always remember, though, to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. How you choose to dress each morning reflects how you feel about your job. Dressing professionally shows that you take your position seriously and that you are ready to work.

For students still looking for a job or internship, read this article or check out your school’s career services website for additional help. There are usually great tips and guidelines for what to wear.

Do you have any additional tips to dress professionally?