Client service is one of the most, if not the most, important elements of a marketing communications agency such as AKHIA. Even our mission statement encompasses our client service philosophy: Serve our clients beyond their expectations, in everything that we do. So how do make sure this is a living and breathing service model that is executed daily? I’m here to share a few tips that I’ve learned in the past month that I’ve worked at AKHIA as an assistant account executive.

Respond Quickly
In our fast-paced world, delayed responses can be very frustrating. When it comes to client service, it’s important to check your email often. Clients truly appreciate quick responses, as a lot of the time they are on-the-go and in need of an answer almost instantly. If you leave a client answerless, you leave them frustrated as well.

Be Available
Much like customers expect a company to respond to a question or complaint no matter what time of the day it is, clients expect this, too. Sometimes, urgent requests come after office hours, and an agency is expected to turn a project around overnight. Your clients want to be able to rely on you, and this is a great way of proving the value of your agency.

Update Often
Clients shouldn’t constantly have to ask you the status of a project—they should already know. Try and stay one step ahead of your client. Providing detailed updates in a timely fashion can make your clients’ day less hectic. This small but important action builds trust, shows accountability, and will leave your clients a little more at ease knowing they don’t have to stay on top of you to keep a project moving.

Go the Extra Mile
Going the extra mile can be done in numerous ways. For example, when a client visits the office, be sure to have some light refreshments and snacks. Do you know their favorite drink? Have it there for when they arrive. Remember their birthdays and favorite activities. If they have kids, ask about them. These are small, simple ways to show the client you care and build a bond that keeps your work relationship strong.

As I continue to learn about each unique client, I know this list will continue to grow longer. One thing I do know is client service never stops, and it’s always evolving. It’s important to keep up and be adaptable to the way your clients best want to be served.

Do you have any additional tips for excellent client service?