Impressions can go a long way, and impressing your boss is extremely important. Such impressions may lead to certain promotions such as: pay raises, a new office, a better parking space, and/or an assistant who does all of your extra work. But if you don’t want any of those things, there are other ways to truly “impress” your boss, like jamming the copy machine, living a sloppy lifestyle, reading non-industry publications at/during work, and always dressing (down) for the job.

Learn to jam the copy machine.
Always be sure to load the absolute thickest paper stock into every tray of the machine. Everyone loves it when they receive printed materials on a card stock. But in doing so, you might notice the printer will jam up and start displaying error messages. It’s all right; don’t sweat it. Just leave the copier room and pretend nothing has happened. The next person will clear it up!
Correction: Get very familiar with the copy machine as an intern. You’ll use it a lot and need to work efficiently. Everyone makes mistakes, but learning how to work the printer will be on your side next time someone asks you to make a quick scan.

Evolve into a “Sloppy Joe.”
Some of the world’s smartest individuals lived life messily. Just go with the flow and if you don’t feel like cleaning up after yourself, then don’t. Disorganization is directly related to such key innovators as Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, John Lennon, and Mozart. So, if someone asks you to “cleanup house,” just say you are following in the footsteps of Einstein and are on the verge of a serious breakthrough of bedraggled conservation.
Correction: Always keep your area clean and organized. It lets your boss know you’ve got yourself pulled together and can keep projects moving.

Become an at-work magazine-worm.
Our teachers always taught us that to increase our vocabulary, we must read. When you’re tired of working, whip out those fresh editions of Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, and Cosmopolitan. Once they have been read, be sure to carefully make a stack of them at the corner of your desk so other employees can read them whenever they’d like, too.
Correction: Never be caught wasting time on social media or reading non-industry publications. Ask around the office if anyone needs help—you’re here to work!

Always dress comfortably.
If sweatpants and a T-shirt make you feel cozy inside, then wear them! We often feel uncomfortable with what we wear to work, so why not wear something comfy every day? Self-expression reveals itself firsthand in the clothes we wear.
Correction: No matter how casual your office setting is, always look pulled together and professional. Unless you’re moving boxes all day, a T-shirt and sweatpants are not an option. There is plenty of business attire that is comfortable. Never look like you’re still in college going to class, or you’ll be treated that way.

If you find yourself ready for that big promotion, be sure to avoid following any of these “tips” above. Remember to always dress and act for the job you want, not the job you have. Staying organized, looking professional and always being available to help will impress your boss and eventually get you where you want to be.

Might you have any stellar suggestions on how to impress your boss?