I’ve been living the “post-grad” life for about a month now, and I’ve already noticed several differences between the two lifestyles. While one major (awesome) difference is the bump in income, there are definitely things I think quite a few of us miss from our college lifestyle.

A college meal plan – It’s actually been several years since I’ve had a meal plan, but it doesn’t mean I don’t miss it! The convenience of grabbing a prepared meal and swiping a card is one I will never forget. If you have a meal plan right now, use every single cent of it. I’m still learning to cook! Although I’m learning some quick and easy recipes, they are still more time-consuming than a grab-and-go meal at the dining halls.

Gym time – I already miss being able to drop what I was doing and go to the gym. It could be morning, afternoon or night. Now, it’s either (super) early rising before heading to work for the day, or hoping for a second wind afterwards. And, now I have to pay for a gym membership! I’m glad I took advantage of the student recreation center when I had no option but to pay for it.

No more naps – I was never much of a napper, so this is a perk of being a college student with a flexible schedule that I didn’t take advantage of while I had the chance. Unless you decide to skip out on lunch and take a nap in your car, your naps will be very few and far between with a full-time job.

Time with friends – Since my sophomore year, I had the chance to live with some of my best friends. Now that we’ve all graduated and moved, finding time for each other is challenging. Sadly enough, I’ve even lost total contact with people I once considered close friends. Spend as much time as you can with your friends when you have them close by —you’ll make memories to last a lifetime.

But here’s the catch—even though I miss these advantages of college life, as a person who loves keeping busy, full-time employment is winning in my book. The naps and meal plan may be great, but nothing beats waking up with a purpose, working hard and feeling accomplished every day.

Another difference that comes with me transitioning to being a full-time employee at AKHIA is where I’ll be blogging. This will be my last post on the Microbrew, and I will soon be moving to the Brew! I absolutely loved being one of the first interns to post to this blog, and I’m excited to see what our newest intern will bring to the table. Until then … thanks for reading!