By: Marquette Hovan

After only a couple weeks here at AKHIA, I can already tell that the culture in the office is unlike any company culture I have seen.

While attending Ohio University (OU) and majoring in marketing and international business, I have concluded that I am looking for a career at a company where I am not just another employee but a member of a positive team of employees working toward a collaborative goal. When I’m not working, I’m either running, reading, or playing with my two adorable dogs, Mojo and Mia. But most of all, I love to travel.

With one year under my belt at OU, I have had the opportunity to visit, tour, and talk with CEOs and other business executives, a perk of being an honors student in the college of business. From those interactions, I have gained some knowledge of what the culture is like at other companies.

Although this is my first experience at a marketing firm, I did have a marketing internship at a small company last summer. Unlike the small company I worked at, at AKHIA, each employee is truly immersed in an understanding of what is going on around the office and with the company.

Everyone here is always in the loop. Meetings are held every so often where everyone in the office from graphic designers to account mangers is required to attend unless otherwise engaged. At these meetings, everyone is caught up with new knowledge on a certain topic such as the dos and don’ts of social media.

Having each employee up-to-date on what is happening daily around the office is something I admire about AKHIA. I have not seen this done at other companies, and I am fortunate enough to see it now and know that this is something I would like to see happening at my future workplace. It’s an amazing opportunity to intern at AKHIA, and I would recommend it to anyone.

What is an important characteristic you would like to see where you work?