I have been an avid writer and storyteller since the day I could first pick up a pen. As a writing major and an avid blogger in my spare time, I could not be more thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute content to The Microbrew.

To let you all know a little bit about myself, I just finished up my sophomore year at Miami University, co-majoring in Professional Writing and Interactive Media Studies. It is through these studies that I have become highly interested not only in writing, but also blogging, social media strategy and digital branding strategies.  My other interests, aside from my studies, include running, travelling and cooking. I am also an artist and continue to paint and create whenever I have the time. My work has been featured in a number of art shows and competitions.

It goes without saying that I am extremely excited for the opportunity to work at AKHIA this summer. In my first couple of weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to meet nearly every member of the lively, creative team here at the agency. As I start to get to know many of these fun-loving personalities, it becomes more and more clear how fortunate I am to be here. The office environment is as uplifting as it is productive, and it is easy to see why everyone seems so content.

My expectations for my time at AKHIA include gaining valuable real-world experience in a field that I am extremely interested in and learning more about agency life in general. So far, AKHIA has exceeded my expectations and the few projects I have already had the opportunity to lend a hand on have given me valuable perspective into the kind of work we do here. It is obvious that at an agency like AKHIA, employees go out of their way to do the best job they possibly can for the client, and I can only hope to learn from this enthusiasm.

I am ecstatic to get started blogging for The Microbrew and share my passion, drive, and voice with its readers. Here’s to a great summer!