Let me start off by saying, this isn’t exactly my cup of tea. As a designer, writing isn’t something I do all the time. However, I have some great ideas on how to contribute to this blog this summer, and I’m excited to be contributing to The Microbrew.

I am about to enter my senior year in the Visual Communication Design program at Kent State University. I am also working on a minor in Art History, which is difficult but definitely interesting. The past three years have been some of the most challenging, yet rewarding, years of my life; and I am so ready to finish my senior year and start the next chapter in my life. When I’m not at AKHIA or in class, you can find me enjoying the outdoors or playing video games. Two things most people don’t know about me: I’m a crazy bird lady and love to go “birding” or bird watching, and I’ve easily seen all the episodes of The Golden Girls 50 or more times.

I feel extremely lucky to have landed this design internship at AKHIA. It is getting me closer and closer to my goal of finally graduating after a good eight years at this whole college thing. Yes, I said eight years; and no, I’m not going to be a doctor. Let’s just say I’ve changed my mind a few times, or maybe more than a few, but who’s counting?

I’ve only been here for a couple of weeks, but I would say my time at AKHIA has been a confidence booster. A realization that I do indeed know what I am doing … for the most part at least. Everything I’ve learned in school does directly relate to what I will be doing out here in the “real world.” With all the years of college under my belt, I’ve never before had the chance to test out what I’ve learned. I still have a lot to learn, which is to be expected—it is an internship after all—but I’m so excited to be learning among AKHIA’s great talent.

Over the next coming weeks, I am excited to be able to dip my toes in as much as I can with the creative department and learn how things are run around here. I can’t express enough how lucky I feel to be here at AKHIA working and learning with all these wonderful, welcoming people. I have gained so much confidence in myself, just in these first couple weeks, realizing that I have indeed found the right career path … finally!

I am looking forward to a very busy, yet rewarding summer here at AKHIA.